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Dogs need friends, too!

Hyperlocal dog community in your hand for dog friendships, playdates, and dog-friendly places

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Giving dog friendships they deserve is HARD...



Every dog is unique with different preferences


Uncertainty about park environment, other dogs, and parents


Living situation changes (e.g. new neighborhood, remote working)


Lack of go-to community, painful text coordination


How                           can help

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Every dog is special

Share your dog’s uniqueness and

check out other four-legged friends for a fit.

Discover where your dog can hang out

Map full of dog runs and dog-friendly locations.

See what’s happening before heading over.

Meet new BFFs at the park.

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Turn wagging-tails into friendships

No need to stay strangers.

Stay connected for regular playdates.

Join social groups for your dog

Local paw-packs with shared preferences such as size, breed, and energy.

Plan for group get-togethers.

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